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Windowless rocket and Gravitation NEW FACT !


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 I started one year ago  every day I add new peace ...   I'm  doing  this without money I made only one  home test that I was able done for free ... I wait for universities support ...My discovery  is good but new always feel natural resistant

THX for G+ or f Like
I'm  good Inventor and Engineer I looking for Job / Target 
A lot of important words told me Mr Lucjan Łągiewka  
great polish inventor 

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1#   Marosz Internal Doppler efect  >  
2#   Home test led + camera = compass  >
3#   Classical mechanic Doppler  > 

At start three important  facts  
 photography and light.

Fact A ( laser never give strait line -always exist beam and alpha  ) 

Fakt B Luminous intensity  

Why  photocamera make dark / bright picture  ?
Why distance is very important  ? 

the same light energy portion but not the same area of work !!!
distance D=d luminous intensity =  X  ( for exapmle  area = 1 mm2)
distance D=2d luminous intensity =  1/4X ( area = 4 mm2)

Fact C
Michelson - Morley experiment proved that   speed of Light  is C  
not C+ Vearth They confirmed parallel and perpendicular signals

on /off  laser or radio remote in Your room -below drawing explain 
Michelson Morley confirmed  fact


Nikon 5000d  sensor + dark filtre very important ! ( details  later ...)

 points 1-4  and drawing = main  idea without calculator :

1. Distace laser/sensors = 300 000 km light need 1s to touch sensor 
2. Laser turn on/off   time  t=0,1 s  (work time)
3. What will register  sensor   - time between (0,1 - 1) s  and after ?
4. ENERGY : What if rocket's V is  too fast for sensor long ?
 to confirm -measure Energy that laser  took  and sensor register

 time t mean that laser is in many positions. 
The same  energy portion E the same time T 
but area of work for Laser is different?  
What mean ?  speed V=0 or V=b or V=2b 

The brightness of beam  "Luminous Intensity"
 and geometry (long,wide ) not  the same ?
The reason is constant V and Omega ?!

below more about signals long / spin ?
more details later please only first  look and think
 that laser is moving in thre universe ...

Not many people trust and understand what mean dark filtre
we can use filtre or  imagination ( main reason why I showed below is that filtre = long distance !!! ) :

Three mass mL - M - mR 

1. distance mL-M = M-mR = 150 000 000 km ( similar SUN -  Earth )

2 mass M >>> m ( mass M main source of gravitation (sun is bigger)
 M is sending isotropy  (gravitation - wave signals ) / ( light signals ) 

3  mL-M-mR = one and the same  coordination system with constant V

Imagine that inside mass M is Bulb ( below picture )
when You taking a picture  very important is distance
 from point where is camera to point where is light source or object

Picture is dark or more brightness

What You think ?:  please turn on bulb  inside mass M for 1 minutes 
Lefft or Right picture will be more brightness ? 
( left or right camera will fell light more closer distance   to mass M ) ?

Gravitation ? ( later more details...)

mass mL OR mass mR will feel more stronger the same gravitation's  signal ?
( left or right camera will fell light more closer ) ?

Force of light ( Luminous Intensity) = Force of Gravitation (Gravitation's Intensity )

both Force has got distance D^2 and similar equation build

HOME  Test no 1
dark filtre is important ! ( long distance! not 100 mm 
but 100 km )    polish.tesla2()

Discovery  :  brightness of pictures  West and  East not the same 
  Reason ?  Eart Velocity   30 km/s = 30 000 000 mm/s
 (NIKON 5000d  remote start,  zero outsite light ,stative, manual set 
 time 10s  , F 8 , Iso 200 -  /10 cm to  bulb /  filtre is important !!!) 

Michelson Morley were  able show only !!! light speed
I invented new interferometer photocamera can register  Luminous Intensity 
brightness of picture = compass ?  

YouTube brightness compare West East picture click>XXX
click>more details how to repeat my home test for free

HOME  Test no 2 ... one month later...
Important !!! 
 Earth's speed is prependicular /parallel ???
screen = photocamera it mean that can register
 geometry & brightness "Luminous Intensity"

Photocamera is only good tool for first test Right now I need Universities and corporations  support.


Three mass mL-M-mR  gravitation problem in one and the same coordination system

Gravitation  ?

signal  need 7 - 8 minutes ?

I want to ask   mass mL or  mass mR  will feel more stronger  the same  gravitation signal  ( left or right camera will fell light more closer ) ?

Do You remember Michelson Morley ???  

Gravitation Speed is Vgravitation not Vgrvitation +V
or Vgravitation -V 

During gravitation signal travel  mass mL and mR also  is moving ( V )  

For Gravitation  very important is distance !  Newton very good explain this fact in equations. 

Newton made many experiments  but  his  mL-M and M-mR  distance  on the  Earth  was very  short ( V  is not so important if distance is short !) 

So we can use Newton's definition to evaluate  F1 and F2 from my first picture !!! BUT WE NEED MEASURE  DISTANCE FROM POINT WHERE  SIGNAL WAS SENT TO POINT WHERE SIGNAL IS FEEL 


Why ? what is the reason that mass mL will feel the same signal 
that was ! sent  in past!  more  stronger than mass mR ?

classical mechanic experiment 


Twins Brothers ?

People already proved that two atomic clocks not work similar near Earth 
and In high Tower ( gravitation is not the same )

please imagine that We have two atomic clocks
one near mass mR and next near mass mL

what You think ?
the same coordination system
the same speed V
not the same Time ??? WHY - gravitation forces not the same !!!

without gravitation our body not lost so many energy 
like near gravitation but can we live longer be Younger ??? it is good for TV SHOW TOPIC with MR HAWKING and his New next Book about nothing  important and nothing real !

here  we must add Mr Mach's  words about gravitation ( everyone know and can read  that Mr Einstein not wrote this what he wanted ) his math equations destroy MACH ) 

We  cooperate with the Universe
we are part of the Universe to my model three mass we  must add also other mass around mR-M-mL and absolute to light velocity other coordination systems around m-M-m

then we will see more and we will be better  sailers  - we must discovery many new therytory  we need good compass not relative mistake !!!

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